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the right DIVORCE attorney can simplify even the most complicated…

Divorce can be emotional, overwhelming, and complicated. We understand what you are facing and how to represent you with both compassion and experience to reach the best outcome.

Contact us to work through questions you may be facing:

  • Can I get a divorce if my spouse has done nothing wrong but I want to end the relationship?

  • Can my spouse take my house or property if I owned it before we got married?

  • How much of my retirement do I have to pay? How much retirement can I get?

  • How much debt from my partner do I have to take on?

  • Can he/she leave me without anything?

  • Do I have to pay alimony? Can I get alimony and for how long?

  • What do we do with the house until this is finalized?

  • Who is going to keep the kids temporarily and pay the bills until we reach resolution?

  • I’m married in another state but live in Mississippi - how long do I have to live in Mississippi before I can get a divorce?

we can help navigate the most common child custody issues…

  • How Do I Get Custody?

  • What rights do I have as a parent?

  • What if DHS is involved?

  • How do I change custody?

  • How long do I have to pay child support?

  • Who can I give custody to?

  • What’s the difference between custody and guardianship?

  • How long does it take?