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Are you or a loved one facing a DUI charge? A DUI conviction carries the potential for fines, jail time, probation, and even a driver's license suspension. When you need legal representation in the McComb, MS and surrounding counties, reach out to the team at Jason E. Tate, Attorney at Law PLLC.

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While we focus on DUI defense, we will offer you comprehensive representation for your legal needs. We will work as hard as it takes to get the best possible outcome for you. Common questions we help answer include:

  • What are my chances of winning?

  • Does it matter if I blew or not?

  • Can I get an extension to my driving privileges?

  • Will I have to take classes?

  • What happens if it’s my second, third, or fourth offense?

  • Can I get a breathalyzer in my car so I can keep my license?

  • What if my license is in a different state?

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